Eyeliners are very crucial when enhancing one's beauty as they provide a very bold look on your face and make you look very attractive. Normally eyeliners are liquid solutions or ink which can be applied with a small brush on the areas above your eyelashes or the area extending the eyelashes out of the eye areas. Any girl who has tried eyeliners very much gets addicted to it as they provide a unique look during blinking of an eye or when giving a different pose of your face. The redundant application of eyeliners for every occasion, event or daily becomes very time consuming and costly over the years. The simple solution to the eyeliners is to get a permanent eyeliner through cosmetic tattooing which is a process of mixing pigments and implanting them in the areas where eyeliners are applied.


  • Gender: Female.
  • Age 18 or above
  • Candidate who want a permanent solution for eyeliner to the daily cosmetic enhancement.
  • Candidate who are not allergic to getting tattoos or medical procedures involved in the tattooing (Please consult our professionals for any allergies you have)
  • Candidate without any lotion or medicines applied to the area prior to the tattooing (Consult our professional for the issues related to any medicines used or skin lotions used)
  • Candidates who have not applied eyeliners or heavy makeup before getting the procedure


Step 1: Cleaning
Washing the area around your eyes before the tattooing begins is very crucial to remove any dust or other particles and to maintain a hygienic area for the procedure to begin.
Step 2: Consultation and choosing appropriate design and patterns for your eyeliners
The most crucial and important part of the whole procedure is to select the design, pattern, color or style of the eyeliner which is not distracting to the visuals of the person looking at your face.
Step 3: Assessment
One of our professional will inspect the skin around and on the area thoroughly for any issues or whether the skin is in a healthy state for the pigmentation.
Step 4: Medical Hygiene / Drawing a frame or design of the eyeliner area
Our professional will clean the area using alcohol solution or other medical solution to clear off any germs or minute particles which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Then the professional draws a basic layout of the actual pattern to be tattooed.
Step 5: Local Anesthesia Cream
Before the tattooing begins a basic local anesthesia is applied on the area and few minutes is given to take effect which will have a numbing effect to reduce the pain caused while tattooing. The anesthesia cannot be injected into the area is very delicate and soft. This is very crucial as the area of the place of the tattooing needs pigments to be implanted and mixed with the skin which comes under the medical procedure.
Step 6: Tattooing or re-creating the spot as per consultation or images of other candidates
Using a tattoo gun or technological pen the color pigments will be implanted in the area of the shape which was drawn. Tattooing process begins where the skin on the area is mixed with the color pigments which causes a small layer of the wound. After the healing of the wound or the skin regenerating itself, it gives the perfect looks and colors which you dreamed of. The whole process takes 30 to 40 minutes and 10 to 15 minutes of basic rest to the skin after the procedure to take effect.
Step 7: Finalizing the pattern
The pattern can be checked up after a few days or a week to understand if it needs any other attention or care and a checkup within a few days is suggested to avoid any more complication.

Corrections / Revisions

Eyeliners can be tattooed or can be taken as a permanent makeup from any unknown or unskilled professionals, with the advancement of the technology many people call themselves an expert without experience, knowledge or the consequences of operating on others without expert guidance. If you have taken up any kind of permanent eyeliner services from such individuals and see that there are recognizable differences in the work done then you just step into Maquillage and get a revised solution for your liners. Maquillage provides recorrection, revision, and complete consultancy till the implementation of the new design or changes in the existing eyeliners. Many times even after having multiple sessions with some beauty services you might not be happy as you are unable to see the results which you wished for. Please feel free to contact our professional to get the complete consultancy and solution to your problems.


How much time does the entire procedure take?
The entire procedure right from the initial consultancy till the pigments implanting would take around 2 ½ to 3 hours. The procedure mainly consists of detailed consultancy about all the aspects or understanding the individual needs than any kind of photographs to be taken after which the procedure involving mixing the pigments and then implanting them carefully. The aftercare also takes place after all the procedure is complete, individuals can visit our location after a week to assess the actual status and provide guidance to any kind of other medical care, other revisions or color refreshers.
Is it Painful?
Although getting a tattoo is not so painful these days the important part of the eyeliner procedure is that it is done on the upper eyelashes, lower eyelashes and areas around the eye. The delicate skin which is involved in the procedure causes all the discomfort and pain despite all the care taken for it. If the local anesthesia does its jobs then there is no need to worry about it, pain is numbed and decreased during the procedure. Even with the precaution and other measures taken our professionals will consult about the procedure and whether the individual is comfortable with the procedure or not, in some cases, a close relationship or a partner can be brought together to feel safe and be comfortable with the feeling of a known person nearby you during the whole procedure.
What are the consequences?
If the eyeliner services are not performed by experts serious problems may arise beginning from allergies to wounds and even the possibility of a major accident as the operative procedures take place near your eyes. The knowledge has to be kept and not to scare you away from such procedures, although such events are very rare the idea of such thing happening would help you to be safe and make you understand why you should stay still without any jerks or movement during the procedure.
Is it Safe?
We use new needles for each procedure along with proper gamma sterilization and disinfection methods to be safe. Any procedure oriented parts which are used or utilized are contained and disposed of immediately after the procedure is complete. Our professionals take care of their own hygiene and safety procedures routinely and before and after every service. The environment is kept hygienic and the room is always cleaned and routinely maintained.