Eyelash extension is synthetic or organic materials attached to the eyelash hairs for the purpose of enhancing the looks, length, curliness, completeness and thickness of your existing eyelashes. With more and more scientific tools and technology to enhance beauty, there is a solution to the issues people have with small or unattractive eyelashes. Majorly eyelash extension is of two types temporary and semi-permanent which held on for a day and 3 to 4 weeks respectively.
Eyelash extensions are now becoming part of the ever growing beauty industry and go along with the current demand and the need to compensate the issues of improper eyelashes, small eyelashes or some damage occurred unwillingly. It becomes very important for big events, meetings, occasions or other personally valuable days to get some eyelash extensions done with other beauty services for more confidence and a bold look.
The variations used when implementing an eyelash extension fall into the following factors:

  • 1. Type of Material (Synthetic / Organic)
  • 2. Size or length of the lash
  • 3. Number of strands or lashes
  • 4. Type of the Curl
  • 5. Type of the Glue or Adhesive (Not harmful to the EYE)
  • 6. Look (Natural / Artistic)

Eligibility to get Eyelash extension

  • Candidates of both genders male or female.
  • Age limit: 16 or above.
  • Should already have natural eyelashes with minimum length of 3mm.
  • Should not have high end makeup or facials applied which need to be removed thoroughly.
  • People who are not allergic to certain glues, adhesives, primer or washables

Serious medical risks of applying improper eyelash extensions

Keratoconjunctivitis: an infection or inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva, a result of glue or removing agent leaking into the eye during the application and removal process.
Allergic blepharitis: inflammation of the lids, as a result of an allergic reaction to the glue, particularly to the formaldehyde in the glue, or an allergy to the eyelid fixing tape used during the procedure.
Conjunctival erosion: from the eyelid fixing tape and a risk of subconjunctival hemorrhage (bleeding under the conjunctiva) from compression on the eye during lash extension removal.
Traction alopecia: where the natural lashes fall out as a result of the constant weight of repeated eyelash extension treatments. In some cases, the lashes may not regrow at all.

Procedure we follow to apply lash extensions on your eyes

Step 1: Get your face or eyes washed
This is a basic hygienic procedure to be followed before the task begins, it is advised to keep your eyelashes clean before the procedure. Although eyelash extension does not fall in any kind of medical procedures it is suggested to maintain a clean eyelash and get rid of any unwanted dust or particles on the lashes. The hygiene procedures like washing hands and using clean sterilized tools are maintained by our professionals.
Step 2: Minor Makeups
Although makeup is not required for the eyelash extensions it is very helpful for the overall work as it gives a natural look after the extensions are applied. There are cases where a subject would need some makeup so that the eyelash extension can blend in with the extension for a perfect look.
Step 3: Applying under eye stickers / pad
This is the first and the most important step in the whole process, basically, a sticker or pad is placed just below the eyes so that any procedure which is carried out on the eye does not leave any glue/adhesive or other particles to enter or affect the skin around the bottom part of the eye. This sticker provides more safety and freedom for the specialist to perform the work without the fear of damaging the eye or the skin around the area.
Step 4: Choosing appropriate lashes and getting started
Based on the user's requirement appropriate type of extensions are kept ready which is different according to the size, a number of strands and design or look. Eyelash extensions come from size 6mm to 14mm, 8mm is the average size chosen as lengthy lashes produce a very artificial and a bad look. The extension which is chosen can be trimmed or slightly altered to fit in the design which you are looking for. The extension is kept ready in a separate transparent plate/dish or a small container along with the glue or adhesive to be used.
Step 5: Applying the extension
Our specialist / professional applies a primer gently to your upper lashes before using tweezers to fan out your lashes and isolate one of them. The specialist picks up a single extension using another pair of tweezers, dips the extension in glue, and sticks it on top of your isolated natural eyelash with great accuracy and precision. During this process, the eyes have to be closed and you cannot blink during this hence you have to keep your calm and make it easy on yourself and put less strain on keeping your eyes closed. This process normally takes 10 to 15 Minutes
Step 6: Dry up
After the extension are applied to your natural lashes it is very important for the glue to dry up and make the lashes semi-permanent. This takes up to 2 or 3 Minutes for the glue/adhesive to harden up.
Step 7: Look in the Mirror
Finally, all the lashes are curled or can be bent with the use of lash clips which can either be done before or during the procedure or at the end of the complete procedure to give a curve effect or to increase the curving of your lashes. Look in the mirror for the final results and express your feelings to our specialist and your friends.

Revisions / Corrections

We provide the feature of revising and improvising the existing eyelash extension taken from other nonprofessionals or beauty services. The issues caused due to improper applications of eyelash extension can be taken care by our professionals and special care would be taken for your safety and to get your perfect looks back.

Tips or guide to be followed after the procedure

  • 1. Avoid water or getting the new lash extensions wet for next 24 to 48 Hrs.
  • 2. Cut the heat for 24 to 48 hrs - sweat can create an imbalance in your extensions.
  • 3. Do not rub or scrub your eyes after the procedure use gentle pressure and great care if needed
  • 4. Avoid any makeups or products near the extension which contains oil or glycol.
  • 5. Avoid swimming or another exercise which create pressure on the eyelash extension
  • 6. Use eyelash comb daily if necessary to separate the extension and comb it.
  • 7. Apply only waterproof mascara or consult our professional before applying mascara.
  • 8. Avoid getting any kind of face creams, moisture, water, lotions, shampoo, soap near your eyes.
  • 9. Do not use curlers are bending after the procedure as they will loosen the bond
  • 10. Take care of your extension and try to keep your hands or other objects near it.
  • 11. A pair of sunglasses during a rush or some tedious activity would help.
  • 12. Do not pull the extension to remove them either you get our professional help to remove it or let it fall naturally which is 6 to 8 Weeks of time.