Scar tattooing is a kind of tattooing techniques under medical tattooing which is used to hide a scar on any area in your body with a tattoo. Scar revision is also known by several terminologies like Scar tattooing, Scar camouflage, Scar correction, Scar Refining, Scar recreation, Wound mark revision, Wound mark tattooing...etc. Scars or marks can be caused by several reasons such as accidents, surgery, improper wound care or certain medical or uncertain events. A lot of people are unable to cope up with the fact that the scars or marks are everlasting or will remain with them throughout their life. The solution is to hide your scar under a perfectly designed tattoo which is similar to putting an art image on top of the dents or scratches which occur in a car. The other alternative if the scar can be easily mixed with the skin tone is to mix pigments with a similar color of your skin texture or tone due to which after the pigmentation the skin tone will look exactly like your own skin.


  • Gender: Male or Female.
  • Age 18 or above
  • Males or females with scars / marks
  • Males or females with surgery marks.
  • Candidate who are not allergic to getting tattoos or medical procedures involved in the tattooing (Please consult our professionals for any allergies you have)
  • Candidate without any lotion or medicines applied to the area prior to the medical tattooing (Consult our professional for the issues related to any medicines used or skin lotions used)


Step 1: Cleaning
Washing the scar area before the tattooing begins is very crucial to remove any dust or other particles and to maintain a hygienic area for the procedure to begin.

Step 2: Consultation and choosing appropriate design and patterns for the scar
The most crucial and important part of the whole procedure is to select the design, pattern or style of the scar namely the design, art, size, colors and the length which is visible but not distracting to the visuals of the person looking at your face. If pigments are to be used to create the same skin tone around the area of the scar then the colors are to be analyzed perfectly.

Step 3: Assessment
One of our professional will inspect the skin around and on the area thoroughly for any issues or whether the skin is in a healthy state for the pigmentation.

Step 4: Medical Hygiene / Drawing a frame or design of the scar area
Our professional will clean the area using alcohol solution or other medical solution to clear off any germs or minute particles which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Then the professional draws a basic layout of the actual pattern to be tattooed.

Step 5: Local Anesthesia
Before the tattooing begins a basic local anesthesia is injected near the area and few minutes is given to take effect which will have a numbing effect to reduce the pain caused while tattooing. This is very crucial as the area of the place of the tattooing needs pigments to be implanted and mixed with the skin which comes under the medical procedure.

Step 6: Tattooing or re-creating the spot as per consultation or images of other candidates
Using a tattoo gun or technological pen the color pigments which were created to match the color of tattoo or skin tone will be implanted in the area of the shape which was drawn. Tattooing process begins where the skin on the area is mixed with the color pigments which causes a small layer of the wound. After the healing of the wound or the skin regenerating itself, it gives the perfect looks and colors which you dreamed of. The whole process takes 30 to 40 minutes and 10 to 15 minutes of basic rest to the skin after the procedure to take effect.

Step 7: Finalizing the pattern
The pattern can be checked up after a few days or a week to understand if it needs any other attention or care and a checkup within a few days is suggested to avoid any more complication.

Corrections / Revisions

Although scar revision is the most used service after a medical surgery, wound healing or other such situations, it is highly probable that the tattoo procedure or the scar is not completely to the mark of perfection which causes the scar to be visible. Tattoos of less quality or pigmentation can inappropriately cause the scar to look much worse than before or simply make it visible with the procedure proving unsuccessful. Msc provides a re-revision of the scar or the tattoo place around the area implementing a new art design or simply implant pigments of appropriate color and skin tone to hide the scar and provide a much better result than desired.