A common skin disease that is characterized by pimples on the face, chest and back is acne. It occurs when the skin pores become filled with dead skin cells, bacteria and oil.

Why to treat acne?

Acne should be treated even in early stages because it may leave unpleasant or ugly scars which are difficult to treat later.
Severe acne can be mentally disturbing and affects interpersonal relationship.
Many times, acne be a sign of hormonal disturbance as in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Treatments available:

After consultation from our dermatologist, you will be explained with what type of acne you are suffering from. If any investigations are required, those will be advised. According to the severity of the acne, medications will be advised whether only local applications or both oral medicines and local applications are required.
When deemed necessary, chemical peels, comedone expression and laser treatment will be advised.
Scar management using laser, micro-needling and other surgical methods is done with the expertise of our Dr. C.S. Azad.
Pre-treatment and post-treatment that is, after-the-treatment care is explained properly to all patients individually and all consultations, follow ups and procedures are performed by our doctors themselves.