Oily skin can cause substantial pores. Since surfeit of oil sits around the pores of the skin, they appear enlarged. When the makeup is not washed off appropriately, the pores actually appear substantial or large. Open pores refer to substantial pores on the skin. In an effort to achieve perfect skin, many people try to discard their pores. The appearance of pores which are a natural part of the skin can be minimized by our Pore Tightening treatment.

Pores cannot be forced to close, disappear or diminish overnight but Pore Tightening treatments like derma-roller and peels can be effectively helpful.

About the treatment

The Laser and Cryoelectroporation is a swift, under anesthetic and highly effectual treatment. It plumps up the skin, tightens the skin and lessens or decreases the size of the pore.
After the first treatment you may feel the face a bit tighter but noticeable change is seen after 2 to 4 sessions. It takes 6 months for new collagen to be laid, so you will continue to see improvement in your complexion and pore size. At least 4 to 6 sessions with one off maintenance session is advised.

Treatments available: