A super hydrating treatment that saturates your skin with moisture to help diminish fine lines and leaves you with a plump, dewy complexion.

The treatment combines water inductors and energy inductors to deliver an immediate boost of water with a long lasting hydrating action that restores skin suppleness and diminishes fine lines. We use Hyaluronic acid as a water inductor which is an excellent instant hydro-boost and it can hold in high level of water in skin up to 1000 units of its water weight. Hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate the skin’s upper layer to improve moisture absorption. With sufficient hydration, skin becomes dewy, soft, supple and radiant.

Energy inductors quickly re-establish skin’s hydrating system for a glowing and radiant skin. They leave the skin glowing with vitality. Water inductors immediately saturate the skin for a plumpy and a dewy complexion.