Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes.

There are commonly two types of dark circles:
1. Blue
2. Brown/black

The Blue circles are formed due to collecting of oxygenated blood in under- eye skin. Blood shows through because the skin on this part is very thin. However, brown/ black dark circles are often found. They occur because of hyper- pigmentation of skin around the eye.

Under eye bags or Puffy eyes

Puffiness comes from a range of causes such as a cold or sinus infection and seasonal allergies, eating salty dinner or watching a tear- jerker before bed. In truth, it is all about osmosis that is, the water will move from areas with a low concentration in an effort to balance out the levels of sodium. Some more causes of puffiness are rubbing your eyes a lot or falling asleep with make-up on. Not only are these proponents of wrinkles and breakouts but they risk irritating your eyes too. Cutting down these behaviors will reduce the unsightly issue.

Treatments available:

Chemical peel