A Mole is defined as a different type of skin lesion exhibited as flesh- colored or pigmented, irritable and a bumbling thing. Moles are growths on the skin that are usually brown or black. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups. Most moles appear in early childhood and during the first 30 years of a person’s life. It is normal to have between 12 – 45 moles by adulthood. Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a clump instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are called melanocytes and they make the pigment that gives skin its natural color. Moles may darken after exposure to the sun, during the teen years and during pregnancy.

Warts are compact and scratchy growth, typically traced on hands, feet but may often be found in different parts of the body. The risk of catching warts from another person is fairly small, but it exists. Genital warts are much more contagious.

Treatments available:

Our dermatologists can treat a mole with a simple Skin Mole Removal Treatment associated with surgical excision during the visit. It is not a complex procedure and it will not cost you a lot.