Cosmetic Tattooing Training

Cosmetic Tattooing is a medical technique used on the skin especially the face, eyebrows, lips, eyeliner or eyelids to create an artificial design like a tattoo which is permanent in nature. It can be used to recreate mustache, beard or design like small hairs on places where a person is unable to grow hair. Attractive art design for eyebrows, eyeliners, lip colors can be produced with the help of cosmetic tattooing for people who have lost it due to old age, medical condition or heavy surgery.

Training for Cosmetic Tattooing (Permanent Makeup / Tattoo Makeup / Micropigmentation)

Maquillage provides an opportunity to learn the art of cosmetic tattooing for candidates who are willing to excel in the upcoming trend and technologies used in the beauty industry. Cosmetic tattooing is a very innovative, latest technology used in various industries and personal use to enhance appearance and beauty. The technology and techniques for cosmetic tattooing should be learned to stay ahead of the generation along with the potential to get valuable skills for your career. Maquillage provides all the required tools and technologies which are applied first hand in the cosmetic industry along with education about various methods about the art of permanent makeup, for ex. applying permanent makeup on a live simulated 3D model. The practice, information and hands-on approach you gain at Maquillage will provide you enough confidence to start implementing the knowledge in real life with good results and get you the recognition which you needed. We provide all the necessary information about skin anatomy, color theory for various skin types, pigment mixing and coloration. After learning the art of cosmetic tattooing you can become a successful permanent makeup artist with the skills which are readily applicable in various industries such as film, media, fashion, art...etc

Maquillage Skin Care Cosmetic Tattooing Training details

  • Study of skin anatomy.
  • Anesthesia and how to use it.
  • Different ways of bleeding and wound management.
  • Colors and Pigmentation for various skin types.
  • Color theory, skin tone, and structure, facial anatomy.
  • Development of knowledge in practice (on models ).

Key Features of the Training

  • Knowledge of technology and tools used for cosmetic tattooing.
  • Designing custom art and custom tattoos
  • Finishing your course and getting certified within 5 days.
  • Recertification for your courses taken at other unrecognized organizations or self-learned.
  • Revision and training for up to 3 months (if needed).
  • Proper monitoring by the teacher, practical lessons conducted in a group with max 2 persons or individually, allowing you to clarify fully any misunderstood aspects of training.
  • Hands-on training on live 3D models.
  • The wide range of permanent makeup courses as per your needs.
  • Make students comfortable with the procedures before they work on clients.
  • Customer handling and other customer related queries and information.

Schedule and Summary of the Course

Day 1
(An expert in training)
  • The Pigmentation procedure
  • Client consultation and Consent forms
  • Color theory, Skin tone, Skin structure
  • Pigment color matching and mixing
  • Allergic reaction and Patch testing
  • Corrective procedures
  • Precautions, Sterilization, Safety
  • Health guidelines and Compliance
Day 2
(Face Symmetry):
(Learn tips of the trade)
  • Symmetry of the face
  • Fine art of designing the perfect brow/ lip/ eye shape
  • Measurement tools & techniques
  • Mastering the hair stroke and Pen /Machine Handling
  • Blade selection for the desired requirements
  • Practice on artificial Skin
  • Pass a Test to Move on to Models
Day 3
(Practise makes perfect)
  • Guided assisted hands- on procedures (2 models)
  • Practice various strokes
  • Anesthetics for permanent makeup
  • Using treatment agent for flawless lasting results
  • Fixing errors and Camouflage
  • Healing process and After care
  • Touch- up and Maintenance

Why learn Cosmetic Tattooing from Maquillage Skin Care

  • No secrets - (No sneaky add-ons with this course.)
  • Starter Kit included - We have included a starter kit with our course that will meet your expectations in price & quality, we will provide you the essentials you need to get started.
  • Certification and Completion - Unlike other courses that send you an electronic certificate, we mail your official Maquillage Training's Certificate so you can frame it and display it in your store and online. We share everything, from our business and work experiences to dealing with difficult customers.
  • We have the highest quality of products - Our products have been tried and tested by international experts and refined to provide best results to the customers. Our pigments are mixable and are made from organic ingredients. The blades are gamma ray sterilized and are made from premium stainless steel with no cutting corners, so you can expect smooth and comfortable for the customers during the service.