Eyelash Extension Training

Eyelash extension is a synthetic or organic material attached to the eyelash hairs for the purpose of enhancing the looks, length, curliness, completeness and thickness of your existing eyelashes. With more and more scientific tools and technology to enhance beauty, there is a solution to the issues people have with small or unattractive eyelashes. Majorly eyelash extension is of two types temporary and semi-permanent which held on for a day and 3 to 4 weeks respectively.

Academy for Eyelash Extension

Maquillage Skin Care provides Eyelash extension training for people across India to learn and understand all the aspects of the successful implementation and removal of eyelash extension. Eyelash extension is an art and there are various techniques and methods used to fulfill the artistic demand of the customer. Such information along with other ideas and implementation of eyelash extension is taught by Maquillage. Maquillage provides an opportunity for independent artists to earn and another salon, beauty service owners to extend their services by adding eyelash extension service to their catalog. Maquillage provides you the knowledge and training necessary to successfully apply and remove eyelash extensions with perfection and a professional approach. The materials, products, and tools used by Maquillage during the training are of the same industry standards while performing the actual eyelash extension service on customers. Maquillage will provide all possible information about the materials, products or tools which are required to carry out a successful eyelash extension service from your home or your business location for your customers however it is suggested to work on customers on a professional level..

Maquillage Skin Care Permanent Eyelash Extension Training details

  • Materials, products, technology, tools & supplies
  • Precaution based on hygiene & safety
  • Basic Patterning of various eyelashes
  • Styling and designing different eyelashes
  • Various techniques while applying eyelashes
  • Finishing Touches
  • Refills & Renewal

Key Features of the Training

  • Knowledge of materials, products, technology, and tools used for eyelash extension.
  • Styling, patterning and curling eyelashes with various designs.
  • Finishing your course and getting certified within 3 to 7 days.
  • Recertification for your courses taken at other non-recognized organizations or self-learned.
  • Make students or business owners comfortable with the procedures before they work on clients.
  • Customer handling and other customer related queries and information.
  • Monitoring, Training, and Implementing lashes on a live model.

Type of courses available

1. Basic Individual lash extension
  • a. Individual lashes allow you to mix and match different lengths to customize your look based on your Eye shape.
  • b. Duration: Daily 2 hours for 3 days.

2. Single + Flare lash extension
  • a. Flare lashes provide a full, high impact glamorous look with maximum natural looking volume.
  • b. Duration: Daily 2 hours for 5 days.

3. Single + Strip lash extension
  • a. Strip lashes are amazing for more dramatic looks and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.
  • b. Duration: Daily 2 hours for 5 days.

4. Professional (3 in 1) lash Extension
  • a. The first course of its kind to combine branding, marketing, (all types of) lashing and self-care into one intensive program.
  • b. Duration: Daily 2 hours for 7 days.

5. Party Lash Extension (Add-on)
  • a. Those 'natural looking lashes' are good but the party lashes in all its shiny, unabashed, decadent glory takes on a new appeal
  • b. Duration: Daily 2 hours for 2 days.

We provide customized courses for an individual or a small group who more attention to factors which you want to understand better. Candidates who have already taken some part of the training on eyelash extension and want to become a proclaimed Professional can enroll directly in such customized courses. Feel free to visit our center in Malad or drop in an inquiry on our website so we can get in touch with you and provide more detailed information about the training, schedule, and timeline required for it.


1. The Lash extension Kit has to be purchased separately and will not be provided before the training or after the course is complete, however, you can bring your own tools or kit otherwise you can purchase a new kit from Maquillage Skin Care after paying the price.
2. You can arrange your own model or inform us to arrange a model at least 1 week ahead of the training schedule.