Cosmetic tattooing is the latest trend in the beauty industry providing various options and features to enhance the beauty and appearance of an individual in ways unimaginable. Permanent Eyebrow involves a technique where mixed pigments or color pigments are implanted into the area around the eyebrow to give an appearance of perfect eyebrow hair. It is a cosmetic technique used to enhance the beauty for a special occasion, event or a day when the appearance of yourself matters the most. The current issue with coloring your eyebrows or applying beauty enhancers to the eyebrow is that they are useless the next day and have to be put back again, while a permanent eyebrow can be used for several years without the need to spend more time and energy on applying the same beauty product again and again.


  • Gender: Male or Female.
  • Age 18 or above
  • Do not tweeze, wax, or dye brows for 2 days prior.
  • Candidates without any eyebrow hairs.
  • Candidate with eyebrow hairs but want a permanent solution to the daily cosmetic enhancement.
  • A candidate who is not allergic to getting tattoos or medical procedures involved in the tattooing (Please consult our professionals for any allergies you have)
  • Candidate without any lotion or medicines applied to the area prior to the tattooing (Consult our professional for the issues related to any medicines used or skin lotions used)
  • Candidates with uneven brow hairs and want to create artificial looks to complete the brow area.
  • Candidates who have hair loss on their eyebrows from medical conditions, cancer treatment, burns, scars and others simply have very sparse or light eyebrows.


Step 1: Cleaning
Washing the eyebrow area before the tattooing begins is very crucial to remove any dust or other particles and to maintain a hygienic area for the procedure to begin.
Step 2: Consultation and choosing appropriate design and patterns for the eyebrow
The most crucial and important part of the whole procedure is to select the design, pattern or style of the eyebrow namely the strokes, size and the length which is visible but not distracting to the visuals of the person looking at your face.
Step 3: Assessment
One of our professional will inspect the skin around and on the area thoroughly for any issues or whether the skin is in a healthy state for the pigmentation.
Step 4: Medical Hygiene / Drawing a frame or design of the eyebrow area
Our professional will clean the area using alcohol solution or other medical solution to clear off any germs or minute particles which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Then the professional draws a basic layout of the actual pattern to be tattooed.
Step 5: Local Anesthesia
Before the tattooing begins a basic local anesthesia is injected near the area and few minutes is given to take effect which will have a numbing effect to reduce the pain caused while tattooing. This is very crucial as the area of the place of the tattooing needs pigments to be implanted and mixed with the skin which comes under the medical procedure.
Step 6: Tattooing or re-creating the spot as per consultation or images of other candidates
Using a tattoo gun or technological pen the color pigments which were created to match the color of hair will be implanted in the area of the shape which was drawn. Tattooing process begins where the skin on the area is mixed with the color pigments which causes a small layer of the wound. After the healing of the wound or the skin regenerating itself, it gives the perfect looks and colors which you dreamed of. The whole process takes 30 to 40 minutes and 10 to 15 minutes of basic rest to the skin after the procedure to take effect.
Step 7: Finalizing the pattern
The pattern can be checked up after a few days or a week to understand if it needs any other attention or care and a checkup within a few days is suggested to avoid any more complication.

Corrections / Revisions

Permanent eyebrows are now becoming a very common service taken by people all over the world, due to which untrained professionals or businesses also enter the service without prior knowledge, tools, technology or experience. If you have taken up a permanent eyebrow service from some other individual or organization and wish to enhance it or revise it MSc is the solution, we provide various options to take care of the corrections or revisions to be done to your eyebrows and get them in perfect shape as you needed them to be. The revision could be complete or partial pigmentation/tattooing depending on the work which was already done from the previous service.

Measures and Maintenance

  • Permanent makeup on the eyebrow takes time to heal in the initial phase till the period of 7 days until then it will look like a cartoon print.
  • Keep your eyebrow dry up to 7 days.
  • The darker shade tend to stay longer and fade very slowly hence feeling bad about a dark shade or eyebrow is normal but it is beneficial in the long run as it can stay for up to 5 years.
  • Take care of your eyebrows and stay away from UV rays and avoid any anti-aging creams over the eyebrows
  • The tattoos naturally fade away due to regular scrubbing of the area knowingly or unknowingly due to which extra care must be taken while cleaning the eyebrows and regular maintenance or reiterations can be done after few years.
  • Usually the eyebrow tattoos last for 5 or more years without fading and after which they start to fade but avoiding heavy makeup or creams near the eyebrow would help you in last longer.