Scars are a natural part of the healing process in the body. The biotic or biological process of wound healing in the skin and other tissues lead to scars. Undesirable incidental events like accidents, diseases, skin conditions such as acne or surgeries can result in scarring. When the dermis mutilates, scars form. To mend the damage, the body forms new collagen fibers resulting in a scar.

A scar is an area of fibrosis, which is considered as a permanent skin patch growing after injury substituting the normal skin. It occurs due to the biological or biotic process that leads to wound healing. Scars are paler in color and leave a permanent evidence of injury that can be traced effortlessly. Once a scar is formed, it is impossible to dissolve the marks entirely. However, pimples also turn into stretch marks promptly. As a result, scars evolve.

Treatments available:

It is true that the scar will never go away completely, but nowadays some methods have been proven successful such as:

 Chemical peels
Steroid injections
Surgical revision
Micro-derma abrasion